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  • 1-35-40 , Station Road, Chirala.

Annual Report


1. Name of The Organisation:
Mahila Mandali,
Station Road,
Chirala - 523155,
Prakasam. DT.(A.P)
2. Date of Establishment:
3. Legal Status of The Organisation:
It is Registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860 vide Registration No. 5/1961, dated 03-02-1961.
4. Main Objectives of The Organisation:
  • The main objectives of the Mandali is to uplift women from the economically weaker sections of the society.
  • Provide recreational facilities to Women & Children such as skill development for youth, old age homes and orphanages.
  • Providing training to the weaker sections in order to improve their economic status.
  • Providing subsidies to the people at a low cost and to extend technical support for the benefit of the rural and urban folk in the state of Andhra Pradesh with particular emphasis on the developmental work in the field of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Installation of bore wells for the purpose of Drinking water in rural areas, Bio-gas and solar energy, wind Mill technology and other development initiatives such as Communications, Transport, consumers service, canning, Food processing and storage, Health Programmes especially Mother & child activities, Education, Housing, Khadi and village industries. Also all other types of small scale and cottage industries and Rural Development activities the organization decides from time to time.
5. Brief History of The Organisation:
Mahila Mandali Chirala was established In The Year 1961 By A Group Of Women Under The dynamic Leadership Of Smt J. Lakshmi Padmavathi. The Organization Was Formed with an Objective of Empowering Rural Women To self-Sustain Themselves and thereby, to Improve The social, political, and economic Standard Of Life In the Rural And Remote Villages. We Believe that every Rural Woman is Capable of Uplifting Themselves and We Are “enablers” - By Providing Them Opportunity To Do So. We Have Been tirelessly Working for this cause for the last 6 Decades And Our Journey Will Continue to do so until Every woman is socio-economically empowered to live their lives in harmony. Mahila Mandali Chirala aims to solve the socio-economic problems of the rural community and to provide a better life to them by conducting health camps, setting up of family counselling center, old age home, collection of electricity changes for the village, etc. We strive to build a democratically working transparent organizational structure of rural poor, women and the youth to solve their own problems locally.
6. Present Activities Of The Mahila Mandali:
At present in the Academic year 2021-22, the following activities are run by the Mahila Mandali.
  • Old age Home
  • Collection of Electricity Charges (A.P.S.E.B.)
  • Family Counseling Centre
  • A.P.S.A.C.S.H Program

Our primary objective is to improve lives and livelihoods of women in rural parts of India.

We dedicate our time and effort to empower women to have a better standard of life.

Our efforts are focused towards teaching women relevant skills to become employable, providing access to healthcare in remote areas, helping them lead a happier life by resolving family disputes and empowering women to uplift their family and community.