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Old Age Home

Our Mahila Mandali started old age home on 01-02-1995 under the finance assistance by The Ministry of Social Justice& Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi with 25 poor/destitute women, aged about 60 above years with an object to provide physical, social, emotional, Physiological and Economic support with a view to help of the beneficiaries, who were with the lack of family support and unable to feed for themselves, and do not have assured income. Our organization is received 90% grant only financial assistance of recurring expenditure by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment , Govt. of India, New Delhi and balance of 10% amount by share of organization. Our organization provided all facilities along with Medical and other required facilities. The employees of the Old Age Home can provide their required facilities all the elders are happy.

The main objective of the Mandali is the uplift of downtrodden women.

Providing recreational facilities to Women & Children and Older persons for women ( Old Age Home) especially orphanage.

Providing training to the weaker sections in order to improve their economic status.