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Old Age Home

With The Assistance Of The Central Government, We Started An Old Age Home In The Year 1995 With A Mission To Provide Social, Economic And Psychological Support To the Poor And Widowed Women. We provide them with good shelter, clothing, food and medical facility, with love and affection. Our Authorities Identify Women With No Income, Shelter Or Family Support And We Provide Them Accommodation Under Our Roof, Taking Care Of All Their Needs To Help Them Live Out Their Lives In Peace And Harmony Instead Of in Poverty And Hardships. We believe that senior citizens are the pillar of society and society can never develop if it does not respect its parents and the elderly.

Our primary objective is to improve lives and livelihoods of women in rural parts of India.

We dedicate our time and effort to empower women to have a better standard of life.

Our efforts are focused towards teaching women relevant skills to become employable, providing access to healthcare in remote areas, helping them lead a happier life by resolving family disputes and empowering women to uplift their family and community.