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  • 1-35-40 , Station Road, Chirala.

Staff Details

Name Qualification Date of Appointment Designation Phone
V. Rama Mohana Rao Post Graduation 01/04/2014 Superintendent 9963670070
B. V. Srinivasa Rao Post Graduation 01/04/2014 Social Worker 9347734156
V. V. Ramanujam Post Graduation 01/04/2018 Yoga Therapist 9866315051
K. B. Usha Rani MCA 01/07/2020 Mid Wife 9154055569
CH. Venkata Pushpavathi Illeterate 01/07/2019 Cook 0000000000
P. V. Subha Ratnam Secondary 01/11/2020 MTS 9000895625
M. Ananthah Lakshmi Secondary 01/04/2017 MTS 9948565740
G. V. Krishna Secondary 01/04/2018 MTS 9492327948
D. S. R. K. Prasad Rao Doctorate 01/04/2013 Doctor 9160915899

The main objective of the Mandali is the uplift of downtrodden women.

Providing recreational facilities to Women & Children and Older persons for women ( Old Age Home) especially orphanage.

Providing training to the weaker sections in order to improve their economic status.